Manufacturing The Sublime


We partner with visionary organizations, artists, bands, festivals, cities, and private collectors to concept, design,

build, direct, act, choreograph, dance, sing, paint, consult, produce, invent, solve problems with creative solutions.


We create immersive theater, interactive installations, rock-n-roll live shows, conferences,

and anything else that sparks our creative spirit. In short, we bring the wow!


We are an international creative collective based in Brooklyn, NY founded by  Jon Morris with Ana Constantino.

Each new work is created based on that work’s needs.  We assemble the right team and execute.


We create collaboratively. Join us to devise new work within our creation process, The Pollination Process.

The World?

Our work has been acclaimed internationally by WIRED, Rolling Stone, SPIN, The New York Times,The Gaurdian,

The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, The Scotsman, NBC News, The Creators Project….


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