BALLS DEEP — Burning Man

300 exercise balls, 218 checkerboard tiles, thousands of laughs.


7′ deep of multicolored 85 cm exercise/yoga balls contained by a custom-created 4V geodesic dome, surrounded by red and blue checkered rubber tiles, Bosu balls, and lit by night by RGB LED Color Bars and an intensely warm genuine neon BALLS DEEP sign.

Inspired by two of the artists’ toddler daughter, the ball pit was a sublime, kinetic and acrobatic experience of sheer joy.  Thousands of Black Rock City citizens went Balls Deep, laughing, playing, and lounging in multicolored shade. In a record year for art at Burning Man, our installation made its mark, attracting a crowd day and night. Visitors were delighted… “My favorite thing about Burning Man.”  “The most fun I’ve had this year.”  ”I’ve never seen my brother happier.” 


Black Rock City, NV | 2013 Burning Man Arts Festival




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