Bush Mama Blues — Music Video for Collapsing Scenery

1 snow globe, 4 Era Crew, 1100 liters of gas at atmospheric pressure


Another poetic collaboration by Jon Morris and Branan Edges thanks to Collapsing Scenery and the Era Crew.

“We often think about the phenomena of the cycle of urban flight, urban decay, and gentrification as a kind of force of nature, when in fact these patterns are largely socially engineered. This song is about the rapacious greed and racism of landlords, developers, and city planners. The video, directed by JON MORRIS and BRANAN EDGENS, features the legendary Era Footwork Crew from Chicago, kings of finding and making beauty and urgency in urban spaces. ”




Collapsing Scenery 


Purple Premier

Music Video

Directed: Jon Morris & Branan Edgens
Editing & FX: Branan Edgens
Starring: Mickey Madden, Don Devore, Litebulb, Chief Manny, P Top, & Steelo from The Era Footwork Crew
Featuring: Joe Trombino, John Hartzel, Paul Morris, Caleb Hammond, Jon Morris
Produced: by Clementine Seely
Song: Reggie Debris / Don Devore
Lyrics: by Reggie Debris
Produced: Don Devore with additional production by Danny Taylor
Mixed: Don Devore / Danny Taylor
2nd Engineer : Spencer Guerra
Drums: by Ryan Rapsys, Additional Keyboards by PJ Morton, Background vocals by Z Berg