Dream Boat Motel — Burning Man

1 waterbed, 1000’s of guests, 2000lbs of water in the desert


Our vintage repurposed 70s waterbed motel room in the deep playa for Burning Man 2017 featuring daily breakfast in bed, turn down service, and exquisite amenities.

Relax. Take your shoes off and slip on a custom bathrobe, slide under a fur duvet into cheetah sheets as the entire bed wiggles and shifts with anyone’s slightest movement.  Stargaze on water in the desert.  Enjoy a glass of fine bourbon from the mini bar in a crystal glass.  Pull up a chair and get to know the guests, sometimes even 15 in the bed at once!  Stay five minutes or an entire night, “You’re Always Welcome, Thank You” at the Dream Boat. 


Black Rock City, NV


The Windmill Factory


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