Lights On The Horizon Tour — Leisure Cruise

packed house, beat synced video, LED hearts


Our production design for Leisure Cruise’s premier live show and tour is perhaps best described from a member of the audience in a letter the following day to lead singer, Leah Siegel…

“You need to know there were moments in the composition along with your voice and scenery that transported spiritually into the crowd like group hypnotism. I was not under the influence of any drugs; this was all natural and real to the senses. Gradually I felt you, along with the band lifted the conscious of everyone in a secret part of their brain unknown to even them. You created something that was never there before. I was caught in a temporal dream where you can’t fully explain all the facts of what is going on because there aren’t any.  In a dream you don’t have the full worry of your actual reality, or in some cases no legs or body just thoughts and feelings.” 


Highline Ballroom  |  2014 tour


Leisure Cruise | Last Gang Records