Pixel Forest — SXSW

1 public park, 81 voice activated LED balloons, 972 feet of vectran line


81 wirelessly controlled LED balloons create a floating pixel forest, an outdoor canopy of balloons.  The installation is voice activated live by Leah Siegel of Leisure Cruise — her beautiful voice echoing like a choir of angels.  Dressed in white, she walks through the forest painting the balloons with her voice.  Wind patterns reveal as the balloons shift simultaneously like a school of fish, a flock of birds, or cattails blowing in the wind.  As the wind settles the balloons rise again to reveal a strict grid of light, a pixelated video screen which showcases dynamic color patterns, gradients, and washes.  Visitors are escorted into the forest and lay among the stars like orbs of light.


Austin, Texas; Black Rock City, Nevada; Maui, Hawaii


SXSW, Burning Man Arts Festival


Vice Magazine, The Creators Project, The Discovery Channel, Cover Page of SXSW.com