The Infinite Hotel — Prototype Festival NYC

585 audience members featured as background talent, 9 rock moments, 1 feature film made every night

When commissioned by the Prototype Festival to premier our work JIB in NYC we issued ourselves a challenge… How can we create a feature film live as a cathartic theatrical experience? This truly multimedia work offers a poetic answer to the mysterious interconnection of creative simultaneity.  During the work we follow the lives of 5 strangers forever intertwined by music across space and time — bad ass music — by Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley, Firehorse, The Few Moments, and Sky White Tiger all performed by and all-star cast led by front woman Leah Siegel of Leisure Cruise.

The story –

The five central characters are creating, in their separate but metaphysically linked worlds, the common musical and sound tapestry that anchors the story. The vein of musical inspiration the characters all tap into (in frequently overlapping scenes) provides a metaphor for interconnectedness and the way actions ripple out into the world in unforeseeable ways. One scene’s foreground is another’s background; one person’s performance becomes another’s texture. This same theme of interconnectedness is built into the form of the piece by making the audience a character. Since the spectators occupy seats in the balcony and move through the performance space as part of the narrative, in a sense they are watching themselves. The frame within a frame is emphasized by the film that is made of the performance each night and then distributed online, a technological coda that reverses the audience’s immersive experience and illustrates the dual role that technology plays in artistic creation: freeing in terms of access, but restrictive in terms of content.

As McQuilken says of the work:
“The Infinite Hotel has been lovingly created as a kinetic prayer for oneness, focused upon characters who are determined to make the most of the resources they have.”

Irondale Center, Brooklyn, NYC

Prototype Festival and a co-production with Here Arts Center and Irondale

Shure and Acme Studios

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Broadway World, Exuent