Barboza vs Diakiese + HEED

2 world class UFC fighters, 2 x digital avatars 12000 x 2000 pixels


What happens when premiere entertainment companies partner with the latest in sports technology in Las Vegas?

Amazon invited Mati Kochavi, founder of the sports tech startup HEED to headline the Amazon Web Services Conference in Vegas. They were offered an 11 minutes keynote in front of some of brightest minds in the world and wanted to make something incredible. They partnered with us to create a 2 minute spectacle which would showcase how they’re incorporating their cutting edge technology with the UFC.

With a 140′ x 20′ HD screen, a massive stage, and 15,000 people as our audience we partnered with big pixel master’s Dirt Empire to create a data visualization overload and massive video-game-like digital avatars synced to a “real” UFC fight. How strong was that punch? Is my fighter losing energy or gaining momentum? What’s my fighter’s strongest round house kick historically?

HEED has the answers. We make them exciting.


Las Vegas, NV


HEED, Amazon 


Business Insider, CNBC