Lights On The Horizon Tour — Metric


LED shades, UV cape, 10,000 beams of light?


In 2016, Metric commissioned us to design the most significant tour of their career.  The design upscaled from 2 light pyramids in US theaters to 3 light pyramids in Canadian Arenas.  Featuring 60 Ayrton Intellipix, low fog, animal masks, DMX controlled LED shades, UV superhero cape.  The show was praised for its continuous surprises, precise lighting design, and dynamic flow.

The final show in Vancouver, BC was recorded by 26 cameras, finished in 4K with audio mixed by multi-Grammy winner David Bottrill to create the feature film Dreams So Real.  The film features fan favorites across five albums including indelible hits “Breathing Underwater”, “Gold Guns Girls” and “Help I’m Alive” and has been screened in movie theaters around the world.   With plenty of arena-worthy moments, Dreams So Real is a stunning recreation of an incredibly special evening.  Enjoy this film at

“Electro-glam gold.”
The Times

“The Windmill Factory are the most collaborative, forward thinking and talented people we’ve worked with. Their results are simply stunning.”
James Shaw, Metric


US & Canada “Lights on the Horizon” and “I Can See The End” Tours




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