Welcome To You — New Museum

30 square feet of sod, 3 garbage bags of mulch, 1 turn of the century door knob


A mysterious horizontal door installed on the street of the Bowery. A welcome mat framed in grass invites passersby to open the door to reveal oneself among the sky, the buildings rising above, and other people towering around. Your city is inverted. Created for the New Museum’s Ideas City Festival based on the festival’s theme, “Untapped Capital.” What is the untapped capital of our future city? Our answer to this question — oneself. We present this answer with a surreal image, a surprise reflection of the self. We asked the visiting public to offer titles for the work. Our favorites were, Door in the Floor, Sub Bowery, The House Died, The Future Door, Narcissistic Mystery Date, or Welcome to You.


New York, NY


The New Museum & Trust Art