Our Hearts Light The Way Performance Installation — Kinnernet 2018

155 glowing hearts, father, son, ethereal Hadas


Jon Morris was invited to create his 2nd pinnacle experience for the Kinnernet Europe Conference in Avallon, France.

Our Hearts Light the Way is a heart-lit journey through the stunning 12th century St. Lazare Cathedral. As soon as you pass the church threshold you are blessed with a necklace and the directive, “may your heart light our way…”
Then you are immediately disoriented by a thick fog that almost blocks your vision completely.  In the distance you can hear a cello playing and then an echoing voice beckons you forward.  As you walk, your necklace begins to glow with the voice.  You look around and others are glowing in various amber colors as well. 
Lumigeek wireless LEDs sparkle all around you through the haze. You follow the lights and discover the soulful Hadas Kleinman creating remarkable sounds with her cello.  This pulls everyone forward; the crowd begins surrounding her in a shell like formation.  As she drones on, a guitar rings out behind you from the center of the cathedral. 
Pedro Soler and Gaspar Claus, father and son, play an exquisite set of Spanish Guitar and cello.  The acoustics are incredible; every strum rings throughout the stone palace. Finally, Hadas begins to play again and Pedro and Gaspar join her, this time all of them amplified and looping as the music swells and builds to an emotional crescendo.  Everyone’s heart begins to beat in unison, growing in intensity till the music stops, still, pure white. 


St. Lazare Church, Avallon, France


Kinnernet Europe