The Pollination Process

Curated Creation by The Windmill Factory:

The Pollination is a process by which ideas are generated by experts from diverse backgrounds to stimulate, fertilize, and produce the sublime. This process varies depending on the needs of the project but typically it is similar to the following…

TWF selects an expert team from our extensive network of collaborators best suited for the task at hand.

Act 1. Pollinate

        a. TWF team meets with client/collaborator for initial project overview and brainstorm

        b. TWF team gathers and develops a myriad of concepts/solutions

Act 2. Germinate

        a. TWF presents initial concepts/solutions followed by a 2nd creative brainstorm with Collaborators

        b. TWF team works to germinate concepts and create production timelines/budgets

Act 3. Incubate  

        a. presents concept deck with production timeline and budgets included

        b. TWF/Client plot/plan activation of concept

Act 4. Bloom 

       a. TWF assembles a team to grow the final concept/solution

       b. Concept premier

Act 5. Smell the Roses

       a. Media and feedback are compiled and a Pollination analysis document is created

       b. TWF/Client/collaborator meet to review Pollination document and process