Upside Down Flowers Tour — Andrew McMahon

2 palm trees, 8 wireless dmx flowers, 1000s in the pool


American Bandstand meets a Slim Aarons 70’s Southern California pool party.

It’s the first day of summer at the 70’s california poolside bandstand. Pre-Show plays non stop Martin Denny  Lounge Exotica setting the mood for a summer, characters linger onstage to trim the bushes, uncover the winter drops, and check the PH of the pool(the audience are in the “pool”).  The first note rings from the piano but it is hidden behind a drop, under the lattice garage.  Smoke pours through the lattice as light sprays outwards. The band have joined in their summer suited best and we are in for a much needed warm breeze in winter.

Things continue apace as the space morphs from watery landscape to a bright sunny day concert by the pool,  in 70s Southern CA, is it real? is it not real? That’s the thing of memory… This is a memory concert in the vein of TN Williams nostalgia for the south this is Andrew’s nostalgia for Southern CA… finishing off with scenographic flowers illuminate and float into the audience and Andrew surfs through them on a giant sun as the flowers spotlight him.


North American Tour


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