Feast Conference Design — NYC

250 person flower, 5 swings, 1 transforming stage


The Feast Conference 2014 design by Windmill Factory — a progression of interactive experience to the last detail.

The stage transformed into 12 separate brainstorm tables in a collective game; the topics were introduced through dance interludes; swag bags doubled as chair covers, became a phrase generating word game, made a 200 word poem, and then became swag bags; stretch breaks unknowingly taught choreography which culminated in a 250 person flower; strangers group hugged to Leah Siegel’s ethereal voice.

The theme of Progression and the setting of Pioneer Works brought a great design springboard for our team.  Just as Red Hook has changed from natural wetland to heavy manufacturing to blighted neighborhood to new center of innovation, we inspired Feasters to think about the progress of objects, people, and cities and their potential for endless possibilities.

To highlight this progression of object, city, person over time our design was in constant progression. Every object had multiple purposes, new uses. Spaces transformed.  Walls torn through. These progressions were staged theatrically but made by the people, empowering attendees as collaborators in the design.


Pioneer Works Brooklyn, NY


The Feast